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One of the first uber-popular American theme parks,  Dollywood, located in Tennessee:

“Dolly Parton in front of a Dollywood sign..”

“One of the water rides at Dollywood..”

“Roller coaster at Dollywood…”

“Dolly Parton rides the Ferris Wheel at her personally themed park ‘Dollywood’..”

“Dolly Parton celebrates Dollywood’s 25 years of operation!”

“60 Minutes Television Interview with Dolly Parton.. she talks about growing up, her music, Broadway, being a good business woman, her Theme Park and more…”

Soui Tien

Buddhist Hell Theme Park, Vietnam

The Buddhist Hell Theme Park in Vietnam, known to locals as the Suoi Tien Theme Park, may be one of the most extravagant of the religious theme parks I’ve found online, in my opinion. The park has the widest array of exhibits, including: replicas of temples (such as King Hung’s temple), replicas of places of Buddhist legend (such as their version of the Heavenly Light Tower), an array of experiences called the 12 levels of hell, real live wild animals, an artificial beach, and a large waterpark.

“A large structure of a Buddhist Diety, whose beard is made out of a waterfall, in the Suoi Tien (Buddhist Hell) Theme Park.”


"Buddhist Diety watches over the water park located in the Suoi (Buddhist Hell) Tien Theme Park." “Buddhist Diety watches over the water park located in the Suoi (Buddhist Hell) Tien Theme Park.”


"One of the elaborate walkways in the Suoi Tien (Buddhist Hell) Theme Park." “One of the elaborate walkways in the Suoi Tien (Buddhist Hell) Theme Park.”

Creation Museum

Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky

Seperate from the TBN franchise, there are other religious parks and recreation around the globe. For one, the Creation Museum consists of 160 exhibits, a theater and outdoor gardens. The exhibits include Noah’s Ark, Dinosaurs and more. The place seems to be a version of a natural history museum, but with a Biblical and creationist viewpoint.

"Billboard advertising for the Creation Museum."
“Billboard advertising for the Creation Museum.”


“Pose with the dinosaurs at the Creation Museum…”

Some movie choices available at the Creation Museum’s Movie Theater:

The makers of the Creation Museum are heading plans for a Noah’s Ark Theme Park in Cincinatti. Basically, there will be a full scale ‘Ark’, based on the measurements and descriptions from the Bible. It is set to open by 2014.

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong

The Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong was made to promote ‘love, life and family’, and allow visitor’s to explore the Ark in virtual form. Within the walls of the Ark there is an Adventureland outdoor recreation park, a resort for overnight stays, rare animals, a large meteorite collection, a stadium, a 4D theater and other multi-media presentations. The Ark also hosts many activities that allow guests to self-reflect on their life, values, and what it ultimately important to them.
“..Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong..”


“Noah’s Ark Entrance, Hong Kong”

“A large group visit’s Hong Kong’s Noah’s Ark- outside the Ark’s entrance.”

“One of the room options at the Noah’s Ark Hotel”

Tierra Santa

Tierra Santa in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The official website for the Tierra Santa was in spanish, so it was difficult for me to read about all of it’s features. From the pictures and videos, it’s evident that this theme park is similar to the other Christian ones I’ve listed. There are Bible-based shows and Biblical exhibits to explore. One thing the Tierra Santa has that other Bible-based theme parks don’t seem to have, is the array of Hispanic and traditional shows and dance numbers.

"Traditional Dancers at the Tierra Santa."
“Traditional Dancers at the Tierra Santa.”
“Figure of Christ at Tierra Santa..”
“Visitors watch a Biblical scene played out on stage (in the background)”

The Holy Land Experience & TBN

The Holy Land Experience

The Holy Land Experience, a Bible-based theme park in Orlando, was developed by Trinity Broadcasting Network, a very popular and well-known Christian Broadcasting Channel that’s been around since 1973. Their success in Television has allowed them to branch out to other forms of entertainment, such as this theme park.

Other TBN Attractions & Vacation Destinations

Trinity Broadcasting Network is a huge religious face in media. Not only do they have their very successful television network, but a series of places for family’s and fans to visit and vacation to. They have an RV park at their Trinity Towers Miami television station, where you can take a trip with your family, enjoy the area, visit the station, and basically vacation. Fans can also visit the Production Center in Texas and take a tour of the studios, the production center, visit their Virtual Reality Theatre, gardens, or a reincarnation of Jerusalem. In Tennessee they have Trinity Music City where they have services, live concerts and musical perforances that are them aired on their television network. They also have a reincarnation of Jerusalem at this location too. In California, they have their Trinity Christian City International, a new center where you can visit the studios, another Virtual Reality Theatre, and another reincarnation of Jerusalem. At this location, they will allow visitors to go behind the scenes of production and more.

Virtual Reality Movie Theatre

As cheesy as some of this may sound, I’m actually impressed with how up-to-date this organization has managed to stay. The Virtual Reality Theatre, for example, allows you to watch a movie through virtual reality, meaning the film is not only 3-D, but you feel the experience as if the scenes/film is surrounding you. You become a part of the movie. As of yet I haven’t heard of a theatre like this elsewhere.

TBN also produces it’s own music, movies and more. For many southern-super-relgious, TBN successfully seems to fulfill all of their entertainment needs.

Currently, there are plans to have a Holy Land built in Europe.

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